You are always open but preorder only, when will my order be printed?

Dark Violets has always run preorders, previously we only ran a preorder for 1 week a month, during that time you could order your items and at the end of that week we would submit to print with our supplier.

Now you can order any time and we will submit to print with our supplier every 3 weeks. We will make our next submission date very clear throughout the order process and it will be available in your order confirmation email. This date is important as you can expect your order to arrive 4-6 weeks from that date, not the date you ordered on. 

I don't want to wait that long from the time I've ordered?

That's OK we will send out reminder emails and post on social media to fully update you when our 'submit to supplier' date is approaching so you can order right before our cut off and get your order in 4-6 weeks. Woohoo!

How do you post your products?

Please check out our Shipping Policy section- it should answer all questions including cost!

You are offering blankets, towels and slippers. Do I have to sew them?

We are now offering a range of ready made products, so they are 'no sew'. We are super excited to be expanding the range of products we are offering to really expand out of the wonderful world of sewing!

I want to order Print Your Own but I don't really understand how it all works?

We have simplified our PYO service. Firstly, you have the freedom to buy your own designs, there is a HUGE range of seamless designs out there. You really can get anything your heart desires! Try Etsy or google searching terms such as: 'surface pattern design' 'seamless design'. You can also join seamless pattern groups on Facebook and use similar search functions in Instagram. 

You then purchase your favourite design and pay attention to their license policies so you know you are able to print them for yourself. It is also important to make sure these designs are seamless and 300dpi image quality, if they are not seamless they will not print as a repeated image and will not work on continuous fabric. 

Once you have the file and understand the licensing you can come to us and we will print them on any of the offered products, upload your file and choose your quantity. We have a privacy policy and PYO refund policy available to view in the main menu.